One of the company’s latest project, entailing the development of a 7-unit building with an outdoor pool and a basement for eight vehicles. It is located right on the first line of the Varadero beach in Villajoyosa, with its own pedestrian entrance from the promenade and with access by the


Bartrom has an administrative concession for the occupation of a 229 squared metred maritime-terrestrial public domain, destined for its use as a hospitality complex right on the Varadero Beach in the municipality of Villajoyosa. Registration data:Volume: 1721Book: 1054Page: 222Registration: 1Registration Date: 22 de Abril de 2013Estate of  La Vila Joiosa nº: 44462IDUFIR: 03079000751776 BROCHURE Download


Located right on the Varadero beach, the plot is composed of 5,400 square meters with low density construction, and will encompass a total of 22 luxury units as well as public areas of more than 3,200 square meters (gardens, swimming pools and common areas opposite to the Varadero beach itself).


Bartrom is participating with project Execution Unit no. 5, located south of Partida Barberes and Camino Viejo (Valencia). Participants of the joint project are prepared for the urbanization of various residential apartments. LOCATION BROCHURE Download the brochure here. CONTACT US Telephone: (+34)96 681 02 82 Mobile: (+34)696 39 26 85


Located right on the strip of the Villajoyosa nautical port, the project regards a residential building of 20 units with a swimming pool and 68 parking spaces, to be built between the years 2021-2022. Soon building of 20 units. Classified as urban land within an intense tourist management area, covering


Partial plan located on the second beach line of «Playa Varadero, Estudiantes and Tio Roig» with a total net surface of 136,000 m². In close proximity to the Yacht Club, of which port is the area to be developed closest to the urban center of «La Vila», having within its